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RenaSan Support LegUPForTalent

RenaSan are delighted to be one of the lead sponsors for the amazing The LegUpforTalent SponsorMeDirect Programme that represents a completely new approach for talented young riders to secure grassroots sponsorship.

Traditionally, sponsorship is available only to a limited few professionals at the top of our sport, who are able to provide sufficient media exposure to satisfy sponsorship investment. Even at this level, due to the restrictive coverage of the mainstream media, sponsorship has never been in line with the phenomenal achievements of our top riders. At grassroots level, sponsorship is even more difficult to secure, being mainly based on the generosity and good will of companies or passionate individuals. Yet, it is particularly at this level that funding is essential if the early interest of young talent is to be embraced and ability nurtured; so that with continued commitment, passion and ambition they can one day represent their country.

The LegUpforTalent SponsorMeDirect Programme introduces a unique and dynamic partnership between selected LegUpforTalent Stars and their Sponsors in which, through consistent and monitored social media activities, an extremely high return on sponsorship investment can be obtained to the mutual benefit of both parties.

As a lead sponsor for the programme RenaSan hope to assist grassroot riders achieve the dreams and goals whilst supporting a sport that we love and enjoy being a part of.