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Too Good To Be Trew?

Event rider Adam Trew has slowly built up his business at base ‘Foxbury Springs’ in Meopham, Kent, for the last 12 years. Years of hard work and the involvement of some supportive owners means that Adam currently holds an impressive string of event horses, and is moving up to 4* level this year.With over 30 horses on the yard, Adam and his dedicated team stick to a clear daily routine to ensure that each horse, be it top competition warmblood or livery leisure pony, receives excellent healthcare.  Part of this daily routine includes checking each animal over, cleaning and spraying Renasan onto any minor abrasions they may have received whilst stabled, in their paddocks or being ridden.

“Since I was introduced to Renasan last year by a friend we have used it religiously on all the horses at Foxbury Springs. On the rare occasions that any of the horses come in from the field with a cut or graze, it is great to know that we can spray on some Renasan and it does the job at killing the bacteria straightaway.  What we have really noticed is that it is a fantastic product to keep the horses feet in great condition and gets rid of any thrush or smelly hooves which sometimes occur.  I wouldn’t go without it!” Says Adam. 

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