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Step in it!

If your horse has a foot abscess, your puppy a cut between its toes or the parrot has a foot bacteria infection you can easily use RenaSan to deal with the problem.

The most efficient and effective way to treat those hard to reach areas on your animal’s foot is to submerge the infected area in RenaSan. Often a horse, dog, cat or even bird will not stand or hold still long enough to allow you to spray the hypochlorous solution into exactly the right spot.

You can simply decant some of the solution (from any of the bottles) into a suitably sized plastic container. For horses a used (and cleaned out) old supplement container tends to work well, for dogs, cats and smaller animals a mug/cup or old cleaned plastic ice cream container also works great.

How to:

  1. Start by making sure the affected area is clean and clear of debris particularly if it is a horse’s hoof or between the toes of a paw, gently hose or wash the area and remove any mud, dirt or gravel, so that when the RenaSan is applied you can be sure the hypochlorous solution is getting into all of the area it needs to treat and isn’t stopped by a barrier of mud or dirt.
  2. Place enough RenaSan into your container to ensure the infected foot, toes, heel or horse’s frog is easily submerged and gently encourage your pet to stand, or hold their foot, paw or hoof in the solution for a few seconds, longer if possible. (Although RenaSan is effective in only a few seconds and begins working immediately, if your pet can hold their foot in the solution for 2 minutes or longer it may help to ensure the whole area is truly covered and treated.)
  3. Remove foot from the container and simply allow to dry naturally.

As easy as that!


We recommend you treat the affected area twice a day to ensure all infection is cleared and no new infection can take hold.

You can also save money using this technique as you can RE-USE the solution in the container for up to 5-6 times!
Keep the container and it’s contents safe inbetween uses and this will allow you to make RenaSan last even longer.