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The beautiful Gatcombe view.

Great Gatcombe

What a weekend! We had such fun at this years Gatcombe Horse Trials for the 2016 Festival of British Eventing.

From watching Oliver Townsend dominate the Open competition to seeing all the enthusiastic young riders battle their way around the cross country course, meeting all the spectators over the 4 days and sitting on the grassy bank and soaking up the sun we enjoyed every minute of it. We love being a sponsor of this wonderful event and always find it to be one of the true highlights in the eventing calendar.

This year, as a fence sponsor, we got to watch riders sail past our fence banner with pride and hear later how it was a great fence to jump (not that we can take credit for building it, we just had our name plastered over it), but it makes us feel part of the event and a supporter of this wonderful sport.

We saw Francis Whittington crowned the British Novice Champion, Andrea Clark and Murphy’s Bonanza triumph in a thrilling finale to The Corinthian Cup and Ollie Townsend win the British Open.

We can’t wait for next year, and fingers crossed the weather will be just as glorious (especially as we are all sport rather good suntans from the weekend).