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RenaSan FAS Trigger 500ml V1-WEB

Bigger is Better!

RenaSan First Aid Spray is now available in a 500ml spray bottle, perfect for larger pets and sanitisation. RenaSan is a clinically proven antiseptic spray utilising advanced hypochlorous technology, the naturally occurring biocide found in all mammal and avian immune systems.

The new 500ml First Aid spray from RenaSan was launched to meet the needs of larger pets, multiple pet families and for those who use RenaSan regularly to disinfect and sanitise hard and soft surfaces used by pets and their families.

RenaSan is extremely effective against infections that are caused or associated with bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. RenaSan is skin and tissue friendly, pH neutral and contains no alcohol, preservatives or essential oils.

RenaSan First Aid Spray is also available in a 250ml bottle, and a smaller 100ml pump spray called the Travel Buddy. The new 500ml bottle is priced at just £14.99, for the 250ml spray bottle it is £10 and just £7 for the 100ml Travel Buddy.

RenaSan First Aid will control infection in seconds by killing 99.9999% of all pathogens on contact. Use RenaSan for cuts and grazes, minor wounds, skin disinfection, post surgical sites, insect bites and more.

RenaSan products are the ONLY stabilised hypochlorous products on sale in the UK and EU to be compliant with the European Biocidal Products regulations (EU528/2012). RenaSan has been independently laboratory tested to rigorous international standards and complies with BS EN 1276 (Bactericidal), BS EN 13704 (Sporicidal), BS EN 14276 (Virucidal) and BS EN 13697 (Fungicidal).

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