News and information from the world of RenaSan, plus some of the science and research behind the products.

RenaSan Partners Aqualution

RenaSan are proud to work with our partners Aqualution, global leaders in the hypochlorous revolution!

Aqualution are British scientists leading the way in healthcare and hygiene for people, animals and the environment.

Aqualution’s technology is used in RenaSan and complies with the vigorous EU Biocidal Products Regulations and in order to do so has proved their chemistry, efficacy, toxicity and environmental status to the regulators. All of this data including that for the formulation of RenaSan has been validated in independent laboratories and leading Universities, and has passed the stringent conditions laid down by the EU regulatory authorities.

Unlike many other products on the market claiming to be HOCI, when they are in truth acidified bleach, Aqualution and RenaSan have proven that their products are genuine hypochlorous acid.