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Bio-security for dog cages, kennels and crates

Bio-security for all our pets is a very important and often overlooked area of their care. Bathing your dog after a muddy walk is a given, but does a simple routine bath protect your dog from any potentially harmful bacteria which they may have picked up whilst out, and could they then transfer the bacteria to their crate or your home?
Your dog will undoubtably pick up germs on a daily basis and these are easily transferred to his bed or cage within moments. It is important for both dog and owner to reduce the risk of infection by ensuring dog crates, kennels and cages are cleaned regularly.

Top tips:

    1. Consider all the areas your dog may come into contact with following their daily walk, be it a travel crate in your car, kennel, or bed/cage at home.
    2. Give these areas a weekly clean, making sure you wipe out any dirt or loose hair.
    3. Any bedding used should be cleaned and ideally placed in the washing machine at a high temperature (within manufacturers instructions).
    4. For your pet’s and family’s bio-security we recommend you spray RenaSan on all areas your dog has come in contact with, including their cage, kennel and/or crate, bed and favourite area to lie in the house (be it the kitchen floor, rug or top of the stairs) to ensure all harmful germs are killed immediately.

We even recommend spraying your dog. After a their bath a generous spray of RenaSan all over will ensure safety for all.

RenaSan is completely safe for your pets and family, it is non-corrosive and contains no perfumes, alcohol or dangerous substances. You can simply spray and allow to dry naturally. Easy!