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Summer sunburn in horses

With very few days of hot sunshine each year in the UK, it’s easy to forget about protecting our horse’s skin from harmful UV rays.

Here are our top tips for looking after your horse or pony when the sun does come out!

1. Ensure your fields have a suitable shelter or shady areas beneath trees where your horses can get out of the sun.
2. Consider turning your horses out at night and bringing them into their stable during the day. This is great for escaping the flies too!
3. When turning your horses out in the sunshine, apply a suitable suncream to areas of little hair such as their face and nostrils. There are a number of equine specific suncreams on the market, but a water resistant kids factor 50 could do the job just as well!
4. If your horses do get sun burnt, wipe the affected area carefully with a damp sponge and ensure it is thoroughly dry before applying RenaSan antiseptic spray generously. Allow to dry naturally.
5. If the sunburn is not improving consider keeping your horse stabled during the daylight hours and ask you vet for advice.