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Dummies guide to keeping chickens!

Dummies guide to keeping chickens!

You may think that keeping a flock of chickens in the back garden is only relevant to those of us hoping to re-enact scenes from the 70s sitcom ‘The Good Life’. In fact, over 700,000 UK home owners now keep chickens. Not only do they provide a plentiful supplies of fresh eggs, but they also teach our children a valuable lesson relating to ‘where food comes from’.

As fun and quirky as they are, chickens can be messy creatures, and without thorough regular cleaning, a dirty hen house can lead to bacterial infections. Don’t let this put you off though, we have some beginner’s top tips, to ensure both your hens and their home remain spick and span…

  • A regular clear out and disinfection of the chicken shed will ensure the living area is free from harmful bacterial and parasites.
  • Remove the soiled bedding from the shed and either add it to your compost heap or if possible, burn it.
  • Brush out any last remnants of bedding and scrub the coop with soap and water to remove any stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Allow to completely dry before spraying the whole coop liberally with RenaSan Antiseptic Spray to ensure 99.9999% of all pathogens are killed.
  • Remember to remove and clean water drinkers and feed bowls before replacing.
  • Make up the coop with fresh clean (ideally dust-extracted) bedding.