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Buzz off Horseflies!


We’ve all experienced them. That ominous stinging feeling across your arm whilst enjoying a summer hack, or a painful prick on the back of the leg whilst hosing off your horse.

The horsefly is prevalent in the UK from May through to September and it is the female of the species which delivers the odious bite which often results in a red and uncomfortable swelling.

Sadly, RenaSan can’t actually derail horseflies from maintaining their beastly stinging regime. But it is highly effective in keeping cuts, grazes and sores free from 99.9999% of bacteria and encouraging the healing process.


What to do with Horsefly bites on horses and ponies

If your horse or pony has been bitten by a horsefly it will often develop an obvious small swelling around the bite area.

Clean the area to ensure it is free from dirt and grease.

Once dry, give the bite a generous spray with RenaSan Antiseptic Spray to kill 99.9999% of pathogens.

Allow to dry naturally.

Repeat this process as often as required until the bite has healed over and the swelling subsides.


RenaSan Antiseptic Spray is safe to use on humans too! If you suffer a horsefly bite simply wash it clean and spray on RenaSan to ensure it is 99.9999% free from harmful pathogens.