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Sweet Itch in Horses

Sweet Itch Top Tips

Sweet Itch affects around 5% of all horses and can develop in horses and ponies as young as four-years old, often becoming progressively worse as the animal gets older.

Main symptoms include itching of the mane, base of the tail and under the belly. This continued itching often leads to sores and hair loss, which can be painful and unsightly.

Here are our top tips for horses and ponies who suffer from Sweet Itch…

  • If the symptoms are only just appearing, contact your vet to diagnose the problem
  • Use a fly repellent and fly sheet to help prevent insects biting and irritating your horse/pony
  • Avoid grazing your horse near open water, rivers or streams, as these environments attract biting insects
  • Spray any wounds, bites or sores with RenaSan Antiseptic Spray to sanitise the wound of any germs.