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Case studies from those using the products

Should be in everyone’s first aid kit!

I have used RenaSan on both myself and my lovely dog Holly. She had 
been playing in a stream chasing fish and stood on a broken glass bottle. 
Subsequently I used RenaSan to disinfect the wound and it healed...
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RenaSan saves Hendrix from Crosstown Traffic

This is my young Cocker Spaniel dog, Hendrix. Unfortunately, Hendrix was recently involved in an accident, where he sustained a nasty injury to his paw. Whilst out on our daily walk, we bumped into our neighbours, who also have...
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Dry Patches

Hi guys, Thanks for your message – I have sent you the two photos we have taken so far, it was such a mess on the side of his face, it is still a work in progress. The one...
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RenaSan to the rescue

I got the RenaSan this week, it is a god send, my dopey pup stuck his head under the gate and scraped it getting out. Out came the handy spray, it doesn’t sting, didn’t bother him having it on,...
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Not just for animals…

Four days since Pete had a bike accident – RenaSan has really sped up the healing… Great products not just for horses and dogs 😄 Thank you

Dog Eye Graze

  Our young 5 month old labrador puppy is a very clumsy dog (I think his body is growing faster than his brain). He recently ran into a wall whilst playing and got a black eye and nasty graze...
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