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Case studies from those using the products

Keeping Lambs safe

RenaSan keeps our new born lambs safe. The navel of a newborn lamb is a possible route for infectious agents. To avoid infections, navel stumps should be disinfected soon after birth. Unlike some other products we have used in...
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It was RenaSan that made the difference

Sylvie arrived at the rescue with hardly any hair and with infected mange. She was sore and her skin was itchy and weeping. She was taken to the vets where she was given Relexine, Malaseb shampoo and advocate which...
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Skin Allergies

I have a Dogue De Bordeaux who suffers with seasonal allergies. I have found little that helps from the vets other than steroid creams. However, being an ongoing problem I try to avoid using steroids regularly and prefer to...
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Dry Patches

Hi guys, Thanks for your message – I have sent you the two photos we have taken so far, it was such a mess on the side of his face, it is still a work in progress. The one...
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A Sceptical Vet’s View

As a predominantly equine veterinary surgeon, working in a mixed practice who qualified in 1989, I have seen a number of products come and go, and been left samples to try that don’t do what they say. I was...
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Rescue Team use RenaSan

14 days in the rescue and on veterinary medication and 12 days of that also on RENASAN …we have never seen an improvement like this. Look at the before and after pics and she is feeling sooo much better...
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Mossi Bite

Whilst at a show the other weekend both myself and my horse were bitten by a mossi, I even saw the horrid thing in action as it landed on my horse. My poor horse immediately swelled up and become...
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Bald patch

Thank you, my Boston had a bald patch and I got in touch with you and was advised to use RenaSan. I’ve been using it about 2 weeks now and its 100% times better. (The picture shows the difference...
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Fetlock puncture wound

At the end of June 2015 my mare, Velvet, sustained a rather nasty injury in the field whilst I was away grooming in Scotland. She had a puncture wound to the fetlock joint and tendon sheath but by some...
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I very rarely find myself going wow at any product nowadays but WOW WOW WOW, I could not recommend the Wound Angel more highly, Zak my Bullmastiff came out with skin problems over the last week, in the past I...
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Amazing results on Dbd Freya

I have been using RenaSan for the last month on my 6 year old Ddb Freya. For the last four years Freya has suffered with hair loss mainly on her sides. Cream and lotions given by the vets did...
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Wood shard wound

My Orange Ninja is well known for getting himself into trouble and this year he just couldn’t contain all his itches. He found everything and anything he could to scratch on. He found an open top door he could...
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