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Case studies from those using the products

RenaSan to the rescue

I got the RenaSan this week, it is a god send, my dopey pup stuck his head under the gate and scraped it getting out. Out came the handy spray, it doesn’t sting, didn’t bother him having it on,...
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Works on skin sores

My Dogue de Bordeaux (Pepper), had a really nasty reaction seemingly caused by the sap of a silver birch tree at the bottom of my garden (I’ve just recently moved). I started to use a special shampoo from the...
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Clear skin = hair regrowth

After 2 weeks of using RenaSan the hair has grown back! Its a fantastic item and I will definitely be buying more. My mum is also using it on her GSD as he split his paw and its working...
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RenaSan stops itchy skin

Hi, I bought the Renasan spray last week as I’d seen the write ups on it. Our rescue dog had a bad start in life and is allergic to everything we got her at 5 months old and she’s...
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Raw skin and hair loss

My beautiful Ruby suddenly started to have severe fur loss on her back and it became extremely raw. After speaking to your experts, you sent me some RenaSan, and within two days of use the raw skin was almost...
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Itchy Skin

Just to let you know how we’re getting on with the spray (RenaSan) which arrived last Wednesday. So, having been using it as instructed for a whole week now we have seen a vast improvement with Roxy’s itchy skin....
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Clears up irritated ears

RenaSen Pet has been amazing for my dogs ears. He is a typical spaniel who loves water and to swim! With the glorious weather we have been having he has been in every water trough, river and pond he...
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Persistent hoof issue beaten with RenaSan

I was having trouble with an issue┬áin my horse’s feet and had been using purple spray for weeks with no success. A friend recommended I try a product she had purchased at Badminton horse trials that she had used...
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Not just for animals…

Four days since Pete had a bike accident – RenaSan has really sped up the healing… Great products not just for horses and dogs 😄 Thank you

Dog Eye Graze

  Our young 5 month old labrador puppy is a very clumsy dog (I think his body is growing faster than his brain). He recently ran into a wall whilst playing and got a black eye and nasty graze...
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