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Dry Patches

Hi guys,
Thanks for your message – I have sent you the two photos we have taken so far, it was such a mess on the side of his face, it is still a work in progress.
The one taken outside is the first one, before use of the spray. No disrespect to our Vet, who is lovely, but the gel stuff he gave us, which we had to put on Pud with gloves on!!! seemed to ‘feed’ the dermatitis and it was just getting bigger and bigger.
The other photo where he is in the house, was taken after just a week and you can see the actual size of the wound has shrunk a great deal.
It’s a work in progress because he still sometimes scratches it, although very rarely now, thank goodness.
I can’t send you a photo of the dry patches on the inside of his back legs because they have gone completely.
My sister has been using hers on her seriously ancient Yorkie – on her lady bits and bottom – and she said she has no sore bits at all now.
We have been putting it on our Belle’s lady bits and bottom too, they were a bit red – and it’s all cleared up whoo whoo.
Love Anne and her dogs xxxxxxx

Anne K 09 September 2015