Case Studies

Case studies from those using the products

Mossi Bite

Whilst at a show the other weekend both myself and my horse were bitten by a mossi, I even saw the horrid thing in action as it landed on my horse. My poor horse immediately swelled up and become very uncomfortable. At this point I didn’t have the spray as part of the first aid kit, so I smothered the area with some antihistamine cream until we got home.

The swelling started to move down my horses shoulder getting larger and larger. At home I sprayed all the swollen area with the Equine Antiseptic Spray and prayed I could get the saddle back on soon. We only needed a few days rest, the swelling went down, the heat reduced and I found a really small bite area that had scabbed over just by his wither. It wasn’t long before the scabby area was all clean and dry again.

Gaelann East