Case Studies

Case studies from those using the products

No more antibiotics for Bertie

Bertie is a cross bred terrier type about knee high. He is about 7 years old, neutered male. He came from a rescue centre 6 years ago and had no problems with scratching or skin issues. At the end of last summer (September time) he began to suffer itchy paws/toes as a result of harvest mites (I live in a rural location and walk them over arable fields of barley and wheat, woodland and meadow).

I think his itchy paws resulted in him getting some relief by over-licking higher up his leg. As he has longish hair, this was not noticed until he had made it sore. I had been careful to wash his paws after each walk. Licking became a habit, so we had to stop the habit as well as get rid of any irritation in his leg, which by this time a sore area the size of a 10p piece had become bald.

Even after the harvest mites had gone, Bertie was still wanting to lick (ie from October to April). Using your product was the only thing that made an obvious difference – the vet gave us antibiotics and the cone-of-shame. Although, the antibiotics are slow acting they didn’t do much and he had taken 3 lots of them (3 lots of 6 weeks of tablets). The vet did warn me that these licks can take a long time to fix but after 6 months, his only suggestion was to see a skin specialist. That was when a friend gave me some of your product, I used RenaSan twice a day for about 3 weeks.

I applied the solution and within a week, new hair was growing (have you accidentally discovered a cure for baldness??). However, thinking we had solved it the vet’s cone came off but after few weeks I could see the skin beginning to become raised again and the dog started licking it. Back to the vet who found nothing in the sore patch but gave us another bought of antibiotics. So off and on since October 2015, the dog has been on antibiotics.

I decided to ditch the tablets and consistently applied your solution twice a day along with wearing the cone. The skin quickly healed and hair growth covered the sore area. Once the sore was covered with hair I guessed that the skin must be repaired and no longer irritating. Cone off and no licking. I know what I’ll do in future if this happens again and it doesn’t involve antibiotics! Thank you

Jayne Spiller of Cheltenham (June ’16)
Looking online, there were various comments about dogs being bored and left alone etc but Bertie has been with me for 6 years, has the company of another dog (who doesn’t get itchy), they both get 2 walks a day and left for up to 4 hours max before going out again. Also Bertie had not done this before. And all flea/lice/tick treatment was up to date.

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