Case Studies

Case studies from those using the products

Wood shard wound

My Orange Ninja is well known for getting himself into trouble and this year he just couldn’t contain all his itches. He found everything and anything he could to scratch on. He found an open top door he could scratch against which was a little old and worse for wear. The door didn’t survive the scratch and unfortunately a small wood shard ended up in his neck.

With an immune system not 100% at the moment recovery is often slow for cuts and scratches but using the spray kept the areas clean and aided mend time. The gash was clearing up in no time but we had a small amount of debris still left in the other cut. After hot clothing with warm salt water for a few nights we finally had a pus explosion and the debris pushed itself out of the small hard lump on his neck. we immediately got the spray working to aid recovery and fight off any infection

Generally when I see him itch the spray comes out immediately to try and neutralize all the itchy bits. This way we have less need to itch and coat looking a lot less like the patch work of scabs we had previously.