Our Mission

RenaSan has set out to allow our pets to live their best life, through market-leading, trusted, health solutions.

We promise to build honest relationships with our customers by only releasing quality, tried, and tested products that are backed by science and innovation, offering our pets real benefits.

The product solutions we offer will enrich all our pets lives by only using the most natural and safe ingredients.

RenaSan is using revolutionary science to support Happier Healthier Pets.

Honesty & Trust

We will act with honesty & integrity to create a brand you can trust.

Quality & Value

We use the highest quality ingredients and offer you value in your purchases.

Science & Innovation

We are committed to science-backed wellness and innovation.

Natural & safe

Offering powerful, natural, and safe solutions.


One day the owner of RenaSan was purveying the latest news in science when he came across some Cambridge scientists that seemed to be achieving things with Hypochlorous acid that was too good to believe.

A natural substance that occurs in the human body.

That is not harmful to any animal.

AND is more effective than bleach or alcohol.

No chance!

So, he continued to dig into it to find the inevitable catch, and he kept researching, and kept researching… and couldn’t find anything…

At this point, the only rational thing to do was speak to team. The Cambridge scientists backed EVERYTHING up; it was compliant with all UK & EU regulations, was independently verified by respected institutions and universities, and had been tested in conjunction with the NHS and Royal Veterinary College.

As pet owners, the team at RenaSan had seen the need to introduce animal products with a difference.

To launch a company that wasn’t just selling any old pet product, that backed up all their claims with research and science and would genuinely enrich your time with your pets… and now they had found their first product.

Fast forward a few years and lots of meetings and RenaSan was born.

A company dedicated to Happier, Healthier Pets.