RenaSan Antiseptic Solution

"My conclusion is that RenaSan targeted correctly has a 10/10 star rating." Dr Neill Ingram

"Thank you again for bringing peace to our family of many animals and humans."

"I highly recommend the product and will use again." S Burke

Advanced Hypochlorous Formula

RenaSan Antiseptic Solution is a revolutionary, clinically proven antiseptic, utilising hypochlorous the super effective naturally occurring biocide found in all mammals and avian immune systems.


Kills 99.9999% of harmful micro -organisms

RenaSan kills all types of harmful pathogens and in independently tested to the following standards; BS EN 1276 Bactericidal, BS EN 13697 Fungicidal, BS EN 13704 Sporicidal.




Directions for use

Cuts and wounds:
Spray onto, or bathe area at least twice daily and allow to dry naturally. Try to prevent your animal licking the area for one minute after application. Can also be applied to dressing.

Skin disinfection, insect bites etc.:
As above

Pour RenaSan into a suitable plastic container and submerge the hoof for two minutes. Repeat twice daily. Alternatively spray onto a clean upturned frog.

Sheath wash:
Apply with a suitable cloth or sponge.

Eye care:
Spray or pour gently into eye.

Hard and soft surface sanitation:
Spray onto area for immediate sanitation and odour control.

Please note for spray application RenaSan can be decanted from the 5 Litre container into our UV protected spray bottles.