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 Brodie's Eye Graze

October 19, 2022

Brodie's Eye Graze

Our young 5-month-old Labrador puppy is a very clumsy dog (I think his body is growing faster than his brain). He recently ran into a wall whilst playing and got a black eye and a nasty graze right below the eye socket. We were worried about what to use, as we didn’t want anything that could affect his eyesight. Luckily we had picked up some RenaSan Pet and we simply just sprayed it on his face.

We didn’t have to worry about it affecting his eyesight or even about him licking it, and it didn’t sting so he was fine with the spray. We used it twice a day and the bloody graze healed up in no time, with no fuss. Easy.

Thanks for such a great product. We now have a bottle at home and one of the small bottles in the car (because with our puppy you never know when he is going to injure himself).

The pictures show the injury just after it happened and the second shows it just 24 hours later, you can see a clean scab has already formed and it has started to heal.

RenaSan first aid spray on labrador puppy eye, showing healing in 24 hours

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