Our Mission

RenaSan has set out to allow our pets to live their best life, through market-leading, trusted, health solutions.

We promise to build honest relationships with our customers by only releasing quality, tried, and tested products that are backed by science and innovation, offering our pets real benefits.

The product solutions we offer will enrich all our pets lives by only using the most natural and safe ingredients.

RenaSan is using revolutionary science to support Happier Healthier Pets.

The Four Paws

The four paws are what support our company in our decision-making and development.

Honesty & Trust

We will act with honesty & integrity to create a brand you can trust.

Quality & Value

We use the highest quality ingredients and offer you value in your purchases.

Science & Innovation

We are committed to science-backed wellness and innovation.

Natural & Safe

Offering powerful, natural, and safe solutions.

The Story of RenaSan

One day the Managing Director of RenaSan’s parent company was at a Horse show and bought an animal wound care product containing (supposedly) the active ingredient hypochlorous. This active ingredient sounded too good to be true.

1. A natural substance that occurs in human and animal bodies?

2. That is not harmful to any human or animal?

3. AND is more effective at killing germs than bleach or alcohol?


When he got back home he started researching Hypochlorous and found out that hypochlorous was indeed a wonder ingredient. However, as his research soon showed the product he had bought was not hypochlorous but a product similar to bleach.

Further research led him to a company called Aqualution. They are the scientists who learnt to manufacture this natural ingredient and more importantly learned how to
stabilse the chemical so it could be packaged with a shelf life. Even more importantly Aqualution were the scientists who had proved the science to the EU and UK regulators
and had achieved compliance for their hypochlorous technology for Human and Animal use.

In addition, their hypochlorous technology had been tested in conjunction with many universities and other institutions including the Royal Veterinary College and the NHS. Aqualution are acknowledged to be the world leaders in Hypochlorous technology and production.


As pet owners we could not resist turning this discovery into a business and RenaSan was born.


Our RenaSan Hypochlorous products became market leaders in the pet and animal care industry in the UK and our experience in creating this success has led to a passion to create other leading-edge products, all backed by science and the best veterinary advice.

The pets behind the people

At RenaSan it is always just as much about the pets as it is about the people. These are the wonderful family members that inspire us to create revolutionary animal health care products.

Poppy the cat
Biff, Shirley, Silvia & Mabel the chickens
Lewa the dog
Dez the cat
Volga & Bobby the horses
Molly the dog
Ralph & Betty the cats
Mushoo the snake
Norman & Wilma the pigs


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Through our commitment to creating market-leading animal health solutions, we work with a network of world-class partners and specialists.

These partners ensure we provide innovative, proven, and tested products for happier, healthier pets.

Dr Mattea Ruth Lenhoff BVetMed MBA MRCVS

I qualified in 2007 from the Royal Veterinary College in London where I gained the skills, knowledge, and clinical expertise to enable me to handle, examine and treat horses, farm animals, and companion animals.

Since my qualification fifteen years ago, I have worked in clinical practice treating animals in different environments, where no two days ever were the same. You never know what might be next to walk, skip or hop through the door, and as a surgeon you have to be prepared for anything!


The world leader in the research and development of hypochlorous technology.
RenaSan's partner in producing and developing revolutionary hypochlorous animal health solutions.