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 Freya's hair loss

October 19, 2022

Freya's hair loss

I have been using RenaSan for the last month on my 6-year-old Ddb Freya. For the last four years, Freya has suffered from hair loss mainly on her sides. Cream and lotions given by the vets did not help. Over the years it has increasingly got worse and where at one point her hair regrew over the winter it was starting to be an all-year thing.

This year she started to get crusty scabs and as the scabs fell off it was taking chunks of hair with them. Freya looked awful, I was embarrassed taking her out. I was recommended RenaSan, it was worth a try. RenaSan comes in a spray bottle, is easy to use, and has no mess or stress for Freya.

The results just after one month are amazing the hair on the top of her back has regrown back. Her sides are starting to recover after years of no hair. I have sent before and after pictures just after one month of use and I am happy for them to show the results of this amazing results of this product.


Freya's hair loss treated with RenaSan first aid spray


Freya's fur and skin after being treated with RenaSan First Aid Spray

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