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 Pepper's skin issues

October 19, 2022

Pepper's skin issues

My Dogue de Bordeaux (Pepper), had a really nasty reaction seemingly caused by the sap of a silver birch tree at the bottom of my garden (I’ve just recently moved). I started to use a special shampoo from the vets (cost me £50), then it was suggested that I try RenaSan Antiseptic Spray as well, so I have!

The results are really good, all Pepper’s spots and open sores have gone! I’m still using the RenaSan on her, just to make sure because she is still getting the odd sore (I’m looking into having the tree chopped down)!

I would highly recommend this product as it has definitely helped get Pepper’s complaint better, and also can be used to cover a multitude of doggy sins!

Pepper's skin sores being treated with RenaSan first aid spray

Alison S.

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