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 Syvlie's sensitive skin

October 18, 2022

Syvlie's sensitive skin

It was RenaSan that kept her skin infection-free

Sylvie arrived at the rescue with hardly any hair and with infected mange. She was sore and her skin was itchy and weeping.

She was taken to the vets where she was given Relexine, Malaseb shampoo and advocate which she had to have applied once every two weeks for three weeks and then monthly which is still ongoing.
The smell from her was horrible as it is with mange and Sylvie was very miserable.

We decided to try RenaSan, a product we had never used before. Sylvie had the RenaSan applied twice a day every day all over and within days the smell from her had all but disappeared, and she was definitely not itching anywhere near as much as she was, also the weeping skin was drying up too.

We have had many, many cases of this severity of mange (sarcoptic) over the years and have never seen it heal as fast as this did, even with the same veterinary treatment.

Within a week there was no redness, the weeping had all but stopped, Sylvie wasn’t itching and there was no smell at all. Her progress over the next couple of weeks was without doubt amazing, and her coat was coming back really fast and all over.

We are convinced it was the RenaSan that made the difference in Sylvie’s quick recovery.

Linn Reeves at ‘The Animal House’

Sylvie's skin being protected with RenaSan whilst it heals

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