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 Velvet's fetlock puncture wound

October 19, 2022

Velvet's fetlock puncture wound

At the end of June 2015 my mare, Velvet, sustained a rather nasty injury in the field whilst I was away grooming in Scotland. She had a puncture wound to the fetlock joint and tendon sheath but by some miracle, there was no infection. Being a puncture wound it needed to heal from the inside out and making sure it stayed infection free was of the utmost importance and that’s where my bottle of RenaSan played a big part in her recovery.

At first Velvet’s leg was bandaged, she was put on box rest, given antibiotics, and bute. Once the bandage was removed the injury was still open and therefore still at risk to infection but knowing that I had Renasan in my vet box definitely put my mind at ease. I sprayed the wound 2-3 times a day with RenaSan and applied Flamazine cream. I have dealt with wounds like this before (without the use of RenaSan) and they did not heal as quickly. Using the antibacterial spray alongside the Flamazine meant that it took just 5 short weeks for her leg to heal. Velvet is now back to full health and back out competing! Many thanks to RenaSan for making this possible!!!

I will never be without a bottle of RenaSan in my vet box and think everyone should have a bottle as you never know when the unfortunate could happen.

Fetlock puncture wound being treated with RenaSan

Mallory Equestrian (Berkshire)

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