Case Studies

Case studies from those using the products

Should be in everyone’s first aid kit!

I have used RenaSan on both myself and my lovely dog Holly. She had 
been playing in a stream chasing fish and stood on a broken glass bottle. 
Subsequently I used RenaSan to disinfect the wound and it healed really fast
 with no infection. I also cut myself badly whilst using a knife and used
 RenaSan First Aid Spray to clean and disinfect the wound and then glued it
 with medical adhesive Glue (I’m in the medical industry). I’ve had no issues
 and the wound has healed with hardly a scar. I recommend this over betadine
 or iodine – as there is no sting and there is no bad smell. Definitely 100%
 recommended – should be in everyone’s first aid kit! 5 Stars out of 5 

Stuart C.