RenaSan Probiotic, Digestion & Fibre

New RenaSan Probiotic, Digestion & Fibre Supplement – the ultimate formula for your pet's digestive health and overall well-being. Designed with the utmost care and the expertise of senior vets and nutritionists, this powerful pet probiotic offers a range of benefits that will leave your furry friend feeling their best.

UNMATCHED FORMULATION: Utilises leading developments in EU-approved probiotic and parabiotic cultures to bring maximum benefits to your loved ones.

PROMOTES DIGESTIVE CARE: Helps to rebalance intestinal flora to support your pet’s digestive health. Helps improve bowel function, supports immunity, and helps keep your pets’ natural defences strong. Reduces diarrhoea and excess wind.

EASY TO ADMINISTER & DELICIOUS: Tasty probiotic supplement for pets with a sensitive digestive system, supporting the natural balance of their digestive system. Just a sprinkle-on application makes it a breeze to administer. Far easier than administering tablets.

MORE OF THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS: Made with the highest quality, natural and safe ingredients. High fibre and the right bacteria for your pet’s digestive health.

VETERINARY-GRADE: Manufactured to the highest standards in a UK GMP-certified facility. Our unique formulation has been developed with veterinary surgeons and specialist nutritionists, RenaSan guarantees the highest standards, and each batch is laboratory-tested to ensure complete consistency.

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Driven by our commitment to happier, healthier pets, we collaborated with expert veterinarians and nutritionists to create unmatched formulas. We meticulously researched and tested existing products in the market, only to discover disappointing results—market leaders not fulfilling claims and containing insufficient amounts of crucial ingredients. Frustrated but determined, we partnered with leading nutrition manufacturers to develop supplements that truly make a difference. Our formulas are meticulously crafted, focusing on the key ingredients that deliver noticeable results, without unnecessary padding. Trust us to provide your pets with the highest quality care, ensuring they lead vibrant and fulfilled lives.
Once a day simply mix the powder with their food. 1ml heaped scoop = 0.6g approx. Small Pet (up to 15kg) – 1 Scoop. Medium Pet (15kg-30kg) – 2 Scoops. Large Pet (30kg-45kg) – 3 Scoops. Giant Pet (45kg+) – 4 Scoops.
Composition: Inulin, Carrot Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder, Beef Flavouring Zootechnical Additives: Bacillus subtilis C-3102 1.6 x 1011 CFU*, Tyndallised Lactobacillus helveticus HA-122 2 x 1012 CFU*, Tyndallised Lacticaseibacillus paracasei HA-108 2 x 1012 CFU* *Colony-Forming Units Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 2.1%, Crude Fats <0.5%, Moisture 5.32%, Crude Ash 2.9%, Crude Fibre 1.9%


We are proud our products are trusted not only by the public but also amongst businesess, charities, veterinary practices, and institutions,

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Our deepest thanks go to our friends at RenaSan who rose up in our hour of need.


We have utilised leading developments in EEU approved probiotic and parabiotic cultures to bring greater benefits to our products. Through utlising larger amounts of good live bacteria and larger extracts of nutrients and bacteria, we ensure your pet will have a healthier stomach and digestive system.

Making our product in powder form ensures you get the best value for your money. Small Pet – 180 days. Medium Pet – 90 days. Large Pet – 60 days. Giant Pet – 45 days.

Utilising probiotics, paraprobiotics, prebiotics and dietary fibre our solution ensures even dogs with the most sensitive digestive system can have a health stomach and digestive system. Our unrivalled solution rebalances their digestive system to ensure firm stool and a reduction in excessive wind.

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