Case Studies

Case studies from those using the products

One Very Happy Customer

I went into a tack shop and went to pick up the usual spray I would buy for the yard, to clear up cuts, wounds etc. When the very nice lady in the tack shop recommended I should try RenaSan due to her own personal experience being so good from using it. So upon her recommendation, we purchased it. One of my show jumping horses had cut her leg in 4 places overnight a few nights previous to purchasing RenaSan.

We were having problems clearing the cutsĀ up, and they were oozing puss and gunk. We were having to poultice and bandage her leg, and with no avail was anything working. So I thought, this would really put RenaSan to the test. Within a couple of hours there was a marked improvement in the cuts. Within the first 24 hours the cuts had nearly healed up, and within 48 hours they were pretty much healed up. The mare which had cut her leg, we struggle with her immune system, so cleaning cuts and wounds as well as possible is a massive thing for us as she is so prone to infection. From the first use I was extremely impressed.
And then when lunging another horse, she did a slight overreach, we used RenaSan again, and the cut stayed clean, infection-free and healed quickly.

So I thought I would really put it to the test, and see just how good it was. One of my homebred 2-year-olds had a slight bit of scabbing on the lower leg caused by bacteria from mud and wet weather. Our youngstock tend to run wild with not too much handling, so we struggle to touch her back legs. With the RenaSan spray bottle there are two options so you can spray with more of a jet from a safe distance. The solution does not sting at all, as she would happily let me spray straight onto the infected area, and within days it was cleared up.

I have now been completely converted and we have it on the lorry, on the yard and in the house for the dogs. I cannot recommend RenaSan highly enough to anyone.

I would like to add, I am in no way sponsored, supported or associated with them, just one very happy customer.

Charly Edwards of Edwards Equestrian